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Al Aziz Real Estate Bahria Town Phase 7

Al Aziz builders company was established in 2001. They have the work experience of more than 22 years. They work with full dedication and have a very hardworking staff. This is why they have successfully completed 5 amazing projects and still working on 10 stunning projects. Surprisingly they have more than 5 new projects which they will introduce in the market in coming years.

Al Aziz builders and developers are working with Bahria Town phase 7. The main office of Al Aziz builders are in Bahria Town. The exact location is office# 03 in Al Aziz Arcade, midway commercial phase 7. Their office is widely open throughout the week except for Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm.
They are recognized as the best dealers and the very trusted group of Bahria Town. They are very professional, cooperative and highly recommended to all. Working with them is a very successful and profitable opportunity. Their hard work include many successful and amazing projects of commercial and residential level. Few of them are listed below:

• Royal Gate paradise luxury apartments.
• The Oak Clock Tower
• The Oak Paradise

1.Royal Gate Paradise luxury apartments:

The beautiful marvelous and lavish accommodation, with the commercial areas as well. This is a very beautiful and attractive place. Therefore a very good investment opportunity because many people like the beauty and luxury of this place so it would probably be a profitable investment. The amazing place is located in Bahria Town Phase 7 Rawalpindi.
This astonishing project is done by Al Aziz builders and developers in just 2 years. This delightful place not only include apartments and pent houses but also contain some commercial area that is shops. There are almost 29 classic shops, 20 elegant 1-bed apartments and last but not the least 12 graceful 2-bed apartments. The apartment is fully lavished and furnished. They have modish and fully furnished pent house over there. The night view over the pent houses and even the apartment is majestic.
If we talk about the entrance of the royal gate it is beautifully decorated with lights when you enter it seems as in if you entered a royal palace, the reception area is beautiful. All decorated with chandeliers and different wall handing. Lamps are also placed beside the sofas. The reception area is themed accordingly everything placed over there is according to the theme.
The living room over there is beautifully decorated, a large LED is placed on the wall for the visitors. Very relaxing sofas are placed in the living area. The rooms are so amazing and beautiful designed. The interior done is great. All the rooms as well as the pent houses are fully furnished. The shop are massive and designed beautifully. All the shop are given on rent. All the shop has a massive amount of lights in it. It has many attractive things in the shops which highly attracts the people towards it.

2.The Oak Clock Tower:

This beautiful and astonishing building is present in Bahria Town phase 7. It is located in theme park main Bahria expo, intellectual village in phase 7. It is beautifully designed by Al Aziz group of developers and builders. The entrance is so amazingly design that it usually attracts people towards it.

The building contains 5 floors each perfectly designed and decorated. There are more or less 39 shops all of which are decorated wisely to attract the people’s attention. The best thing of Al Aziz company is that they have a very hardworking staff and therefore are able to complete this projects in 2 years.

It has specific rooms for the business meeting purpose and stuff. There you can arrange your business works. Specific Wi-Fi and big LED is placed over there so you can easily attend the meetings. Separate offices are also available so that the people can start small business and set up their offices in the building. Small restaurants and shops are also available. Shops of all the brands are available in there and restaurant fully decorated so that people can relax over there and have their meal.

Indeed the Oak Clock Tower is the most beautiful place in Bahria Town which everyone wishes to visit because of it beauty the shops and the cafés and restaurants. The view of Oak clock at night is surprising and stunning.

3.The Oak Paradise:

The Oak Paradise is located in Bahria town phase 7. It is the main business attraction in Rawalpindi. The difference between the GT Road and the Oak Paradise is almost 1 min. It is located in main paradise commercial area Bahria Town.

Al Aziz group of companies took almost 2 years to complete this project with perfection and cooperation of their hardworking staff. This building contains 7 floor each floor is made with extra care and the interior done is perfect. The chandeliers are placed on short distance which enhance the beauty of the mall. There are not less than 40 shops in this building. All the shops are really colorful which helps divert the attention of the visitors.

There are some room on the top floors which can be used as offices and business meetings. Small café and restaurant are present over there for the visitors. So that they can relax and rest over there. Living rooms which are also known as waiting areas are present over there. A big LED is placed over there so that the visitors don’t get bored while waiting. Shops are also present so that people can go shopping under one sky, which is widely spread.


Al Aziz company is considered as the best Real estate company in Bahria Town phase 7. It is best for the investment as will get a profit in returns. They made the best building in Bahria Town, the mall and shopping centers, which make Bahria Town attractive for people. Indeed the best real estate company is Al Aziz.

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