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Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders is working since 2001. With more than 19 years of experience in Real Estate market, Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders covers all property types including logistics, offices, residential and commercial properties. Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders is listed among the top real estate dealers in Bahria Town,Pakistan. For over 19 years, our dynamic team has helped people make their real estate dreams a reality, and we are here to assist you in searching the right fit for your budget. The mission of Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders is to help realtors, investors and owners in the sale process, constant property evaluation, investments in real estate and much more. All services provided here are safe, transparent and mostly free, catapulting the valence of our extensive market, it’s knowledge and networking founded over generations. Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders family is a Real Estate business with over 19 years of connection in promoting real estate market, establishing a bridge between modernity and tradition. We enable our clients in living a quality of life far superior to any average Real Estate in Pakistan. With Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders , you get the opportunity to tailor your own services right according to your requirements. We enable each client to: · Get Free Consultation before investing in Real Estate · Choose land of your own choice and free will · Find a property with desired timeline for risk to profit ratio · Meet residential, commercial and industrial requirements. · Get professional support throughout the process of searching, selection, evaluation and decision making. When you choose Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders , you choose quality. We provide guaranteed profits, technological tools to measure profit to risk ratio, security of investments and above all, inner satisfaction. The moto of Al-Aziz Real Estate Consultant & Builders revolves around reliability, security and quality. With over 19 years of experience, we have gained a strong reputation in Real Estate market in being the top-ranked authorized dealer of Bahria Town Pvt.Ltd. agents for major projects and properties.

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