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Investor Rate Plots In Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Now a days as we know there is a tough competition among the property dealers on property rates. Bahria town Rawalpindi is recognized as the best housing society. Bahria town is a private limited industry which was founded on 14 January 1997 in Islamabad zone 4 Pakistan. The founder of this area is Malik Riaz. The head quarter of Bahria town is in Islamabad Pakistan.

In 2017 around 160,000 people were working in Bahria town to make it a beautiful place to live. Bahria town contains commercial area, plots, houses, villas,  hospital, golf club, restaurants, and hotels. Bahria town Rawalpindi has 8 phase. Phase 1 to 7 are fully flourish and people are enjoying their luxurious life in them.

Bahria town is a very secure and good area to invest in. It has an extension in phase 8 which is an investment in a very low price. The investor rate contributes a lot in the GDP of Pakistan. There are almost 12,375 plot in Bahria town Rawalpindi for sale. Among them are the residential plots, commercial plots, and plot files. Now a days people usually invests in the private limited industries which have following real estate categories and Bahria Town Rawalpindi is one of them.

•          Lands for sale

•          Houses for sale

•          Commercial areas for sale

1.Lands for Sale:

 There are a lot of agricultural lands for sale in Bahria town Rawalpindi. The lands are divided into three groups among them are very hot, hot, and normal. As the name indicates the prices and the location of these plots are varying with them. Super-hot are expensive but the location is great and mind blowing. There is a plot of 58 lakhs, it is categorized as super-hot. It is the plot of 2 Marla’s in Ali block commercial near boulevard park and the location is very pleasing.

As it is a commercial plot so it has many advantages in it. Some of which are water supply available, sui gas, electricity available and proper sewage system available. There are many other facilities near the plot such as hospital, school, shopping malls, restaurants and last but not the least most importantly the public transport station is near the house. After all the facilities the plot is indeed a great option in a very low price.

 If we talk about the hot plots. There is a residential plot of 75 lakhs which consist of 5 Marla’s. The plot is 1125 square feet. This plot is a reasonable opportunity because it contain all the facilities as well as the basic necessity of life.

2.Houses for sales:

There are many houses for investors in Bahria town Rawalpindi. The main important thing is that they have all the facilities and basic necessity of life. All the houses are beautifully designed. Maximum houses in Bahria town are double storeys. They have categorized the houses in three groups that are the super-hot, hot, and normal.

A house of 10 Marla’s in Bahria town has the worth of 3.1 crore. It is purposely built for sale. The house is extremely pretty and is  beautifully designed. The house is built in 2021 and contains 2 floors. The flooring is properly done and double glazed windows are used. There is a parking area of almost 3 cars. It contain a proper wastage disposal area.

If we talk about the rooms in the house, there are five bedrooms and six bathrooms with one servant quarter. With one drawing room, one dining room and two kitchens. The house contain a lounge or sitting area with one storeroom. The house contains a lush green garden.

Internet as well as satellite cable are available near the house. The house is in such a beautiful area that all the facilities for life are available in the surrounding. There is a school near the house. Hospitals are also available in the surrounding. There are shopping malls around the streets. Airports are some kilometers away from the house. Restaurant and public transport are available near the house. There is a security always available.

3.Commercial area for sale:

Commercial area in Bahria town has limited prices. The commercial area of 2.4 Marla’s is of 3.58 Crore. The benefit is that you can give the initial value of 1.07 crore and monthly installment of 7.15 lakh for 30 months.

The commercial plaza in Bahria town Rawalpindi is very beautifully designed. The interior designed  is great and beautiful. The mall will be built in 2023.

  • There is a great parking area in the basement.
  • There is electricity backup and waste disposal.
  • There are almost 7 floors in the building with 2 elevators.

There are many facilities  in the mall including security staff and maintenance staff. All time internet service available. Satellite and cable TV also available. Schools, restaurants and hospitals are also available near the house. The distance from the airport is very less. Public transport is near the mall making it possible for the people to travel. Proper AC are installed in the mall for the comfort of the people.


Bahria town in Rawalpindi is indeed a best area for investment. There are a lot of Commercial areas, agricultural areas offices plots and homes which are on very reasonable prices. And this is the reason many people invest in this area. Although there are many sectors as well as blocks in Bahria town  but the Rawalpindi one is the best one. The town contain a lot of exciting thing including malls and golf clubs. Exciting parks for kids and Jamia Masjids.

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