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In this new aeon of globalization there is a strong competition going on between the property dealers as to who will be the best in selling the property or making the best property. Al Aziz builders and developers are recognized as the best property dealer in Bahria town Islamabad.

In this time period it is difficult for the people to trust a property dealer but Al Aziz builders and developers did this work so well and on time that people can easily trust them and did work with them. For the first time in the history Bahria town became the best visiting spot and this is because of Al Aziz builders and developers. They worked hard over there and made a lot of mall and residential area that now everyone wanted to visit there.

The best property dealer in Bahria town is Al Aziz and there work includes:

• The OAK Food Street
• Royal Gate Enclave
• V8 Mall

1.The OAK Food Street:

The beautiful place is present in the heart of Bahria Town. The main location is Bahria Intellectual Village, Rawalpindi, which is 20 km from Islamabad expressway. It has an easy excess to the GT Road. The location is awesome, the area is so peaceful, without any pollution, and less traffic available. This awesome location is chosen by Al Aziz property dealer in Bahria town.

It has an excellent front area beautifully designed and wisely decorated. Greenery available all around the mall. The mall has the best view and people are able to see it even from a proper distance. The mall is design amazingly, it has 5 floor each floor is decorated properly. The interior done is elegant and unique. It has different food courts.

When you enter the mall there is a place called The Atrium. It is a space, above the beautifully decorated stairs. The wide open space is used to discuss the business issues and the ideas to what to do next or for family gathering and friends get together. It is a wide place with decent furniture, the sofa chairs over there are so relaxing people sit there discuss issues and enjoy coffee. The corridors are beautifully decorated all according to the theme. The upper floor contains different restaurant for fast food as well as ice cream parlors and yes coffee as well.

2.Royal Gate Enclave:

Al Aziz property dealer Bahria town has an honor of being the property head of this beautifully established mall named as the Royal Gate Enclave. This building is beautifully designed and the interior done is awesome. The building consists of 6 floors in total. The first 3 floors are recognized as the commercial floors and the rest of three are the residential floors.

The first three floors have almost 29 shops each shop is beautifully decorated to catch the attention of the people. Some shops are used as restaurant in the mall. The mall contain franchises of many different brands.

The other 3 floors are used as residential areas. The floors contain 20 1-bed apartments and 12 2-bed apartments. All the apartments are fully furnished and beautifully decorated all according to the themes. The apartment is designed beautifully the structure is so nice and strong. The corridors of this mall are elegant and graceful. The design of the stairs used are so stylish that everyone is attracted towards it. The night view from this mall is simply awesome. It seems as in if it’s a paradise at night. Many people from all around the areas and cities came just to enjoy the view and to have coffee in there. This project is completed in 2 years by Al Aziz builders and developers. The work is done very carefully and smartly, the material used is great.

3.V8 Mall:

It is a beautiful and elegant mall opened in Bahria town for the very first time. It is basically in Bahria Intellectual Village Phase 7. It is the project of Al Aziz property dealer in Bahria Town, the amazing thing is that it is manufactured by Al Aziz builders and developers in just 3 years. The work is done early due to the hard work of the staff working over there.

The mall is decorated anonymously the interior done is mind-blowing. This is a commercial plaza. It contains almost 29 beautifully decorated shops and 5 amazing restaurants. The entertaining staff perform their job to their best. V8 mall has beautiful interior, the shop are design amazingly. There is a huge parking area in the basement with 24/7sercurity available. The security cameras could be found all along the building. The mall has the very hardworking and self-made staff.

When you enter the restaurant section of the mall, the aroma of the food calls for your attention. Strong pleasant smell of coffee beans stimulates the senses and attracts the people towards them. Luxurious treatment is provided to all the customers and all the eatable are tasty. The staff is cooperative and international chefs are hired to cook the next level food. Open kitchens are available which ensures the cleanliness of the food. The atmosphere of the mall is reliable for family setup and gatherings. Comfortable sofa chairs are available for the customers.

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These malls are rated all across the Pakistan for its reliability and cooperative staff and is highly recommended. The beautiful interior with the chandelier hanging enhances the beauty of the malls and attracts the visitors. The best mall and the best location is all because of Al Aziz property dealers in Bahria town.

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