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Al Aziz is recognized as the best reliable property agents in Bahria Town Islamabad. Al Aziz is working with Bahria Town Islamabad since 2011. The group has the experience of more than 21 years of experience. They have the command of every type of property which includes the commercial plots and the residential areas as well as the logistic offices.

Al Aziz group has already complete more than 5 projects in Bahria town Islamabad which is a great achievement for them because this is for the very first time, this kind of big beautiful and all under one sky malls came across in Bahria Town Islamabad.

Their very major projects will include:
• The Oak Paradise
• The Oak Clock Tower
• The Oak Food Street

1.The Oak Paradise:

The Oak paradise is the best mall in Bahria Town Islamabad. It is recognized beautiful because of the entire interior and the beautiful shape of the mall. The work is done by the most reliable property agents that are Al Aziz group. They took almost 2 years to complete this very beautiful commercial plaza which is present in the paradise commercial.

The mall contains 7 beautiful floor are decorated with the fairy lights and different sceneries. There are elevators and the ever working elegant designed escalators. 24/7 air condition service available. The mall is fully decorated which attracts the attention of the visitors. The mall contains almost or more than 40 elegant and ever beautiful shops. All the shops contains air conditioners, the 24/7 lights available. All the shops are amazingly designed and thus all are made of thick glass.
When you enter the mall you can sense the smell of different perfumes and the aroma of different food stimulates the sense of hunger. When you get in the lounge of the mall you see the beautiful handmade scenery. The outlet of different brands and much more under one roof. The staff of the mall is very cooperative. The working security cameras are also available in the mall as well as a guard for every outlet. The security check is very strict when you enter the mall.

The mall contains some restaurants and lounges where you can hold meetings. The comfortable
sofas and big screen helps in meeting. You can discuss different issues in the calm and cool environment of the restaurants over there with some coffee tea or your favorite food items. The atmosphere of the restaurant is awesome and there style of serving the delicious mouthwatering food is simply anonymous. The staff in the restaurant is very cooperative and hard-working. The interior done in the restaurant is simple amazing. All the time security cameras are available to keep the check and balance to avoid any kind of issue.

The night view of the mall is awesome. It attracts the people towards it thus many people visit mall at night. The rooftop restaurant is the best of the mall. As you are eating under the shine of stars. In short it is one of the best project of Al Aziz group which even make them proud.

2.The Oak Clock Tower:

The Oak clock tower is the mall with the best display. It is located in Bahria Town Islamabad. It is the project done by the most well-known and reliable real estate agents that are none other than Al Aziz group. They have the honor of making a lot of the best mall among them is this Oak Clock Tower.

This tower has a beautiful shape the building made is surprisingly awesome. It is a commercial as well as a private mall. The amazing thing is that it has GT Road on a distance of almost 3 min and from DHA it is almost 1 min.

The mall has a great interior and the mall is fully decorated. the ceiling done is simply anonymous and perfect. Wide area of land is cover with different brands outlet. All the mall is made up of thick glass. When you enter the mall there is a lounge or you can say a waiting area to sit in. The area contains very amazing and super relaxing sofas. Surrounding that are beautiful lush green plants which gave you a fresh feeling. Different outlet of different well-known brands excites people. All the time security available to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Security cameras are also available in the mall to keep the check and balance on people shopping or roaming in the mall.

The mall contains almost 5 floors and the last three floors gave the feeling as in if they are always closed however they have offices in it. Although the offices belong to different people. There are separate auditoriums in the mall where 24/7 Wi-Fi is available comfortable sofas are available, where the people can sit and have long conversation about the projects and enjoy tea or coffee. There are some conference room as well in the mall for those who have the offices. The teachers of different universities can also take the auditorium on rent to deliver lectures. Security is always available outside the offices. Air conditions are also available. The best place to work in.
The view through the offices and auditorium at night is simply mind-blowing it is like heaven on earth. As in if the stars landed on the earth which make it more beautiful and interesting. It really attracts people towards it and thus a lot of people visit this beautiful land full of lights and good vibes.

3.The Oak Food Street:

This is the best among all the mall made in Bahria Town Islamabad. It is also the project of Al Aziz group. It is recognized best because it contains shops and restaurants in it. Due to this people enjoy a lot as they get all under one sky.

This is located in heart of Bahria Town. Just 20 km from Islamabad expressway in a very peaceful place with the best and well-disciplined visitors. The front of the mall is lush green and has a lot of greenery in it. the flowers in the garden enhance the beauty of the mall.

The structure of the mall is awesome and the mall is beautifully decorated thus it attracts the attention of the people towards it. When you enter the mall there is a reception area which has a great interior, the chandeliers hanging are of beautiful design. The reception is so beautiful and has a lot of lights in it. When you move up the elegant beautiful stairs you are able to see the amazing lounge with the best and themed furniture. The sofa chairs are very relaxing that part of mall is used for gathering functions and get together. When you move further you see different rooms used as offices and auditoriums which are used for the meeting and the conference rooms.

The mall also contains the shops of different brands. There people enjoy shopping and when they got tired they came to relax in the lounge. The mall contains some coffee shops and some cookie shops which has a very pleasant aroma after which your mouth start watering. It contains the best restaurants where you can sit relax and have your favorite item. The atmosphere of the restaurant and the mall are great. The staff working in here is very respectful hardworking and cooperative. In short the mall is beyond the expectation.

All the malls are great and beyond the expectation of the people living in Bahria town Islamabad. This is for the very first time these kinds of mall entered a society and a special thanks to Al Aziz builders and developers as it there efforts and hard work due to which we have the incredible mall in the society. the best malls which are usually known as all in one mall.

The best thing is all the malls are designed perfectly the material used in the mall is awesome. The interior of all the malls are unforgettable. The view through the mall and the night views of the mall is anonymous. In the end Al Aziz group has done all the work wholeheartedly to make Bahria Town go beyond the expectation.

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