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House for Sale in Bahria Town phase 7

Have you tried to buy a house in Bahria Town phase 7?If not, then wait Alaziz Builders will solve your problems. Moreover, there are many amenities that Bahria Town is providing. Bahria Town is famous for its services and it is providing well-managed and well-designed plots for residents. Furthermore, they are providing well-maintained services. So, it’s up to you, which you will choose and what will be your decision.

You can get the house in Bahria Town Phase 7 if you want to. Because there will be many amenities and many things that you can’t even imagine.

Do you know who started Bahria Town? Let’s explore it.

Founder of Bahria Town Phase 7s:

It is the first community-developed housing society in Pakistan. Moreover, this was established in the early 1990s. Furthermore, it was a highly recommended society in Pakistan. This project will provide high-quality services to customers. This project has all the basic needs and other needs. So, what are you looking for?

Do you know about facilities provided by Bahria Town phase 7? If not, then let’s explore it.

Facilities of Bahria Town:

There are many facilities provided by Bahria Town. Although they are fulfilling the basic needs there are a few things that will make you amazed about Bahria Town. After which, you have to purchase a plot in Bahria Town phase 7. Let’s explore some of its features without delaying it so much.


they are providing 24/7 security to all of their residents. Moreover, security is the main requirement for all people living in society. Society is not about location, it’s about security and protection of people. Because a life of residents is very important. You will not buy a house or a plot at a place where your life is not safe. In order to do this, they provide 24/7 surveillance to the people.


They are providing better health facilities to the resident of Bahria Town. Moreover, you will find the hospitals are well equipped with up-to-date pieces of equipment. They will provide you with better health facilities. Furthermore, some well-educated doctors will surely check any type of problem.

Do you think features ended here? Then you are wrong. Let’s explore some more about Bahria Town Phase 7.

Shopping malls:

There are very well-established shopping malls. If there is no market then you have to purchase it from far-off places then why you will purchase a plot in such a place. To keep this in mind, investors established a great shopping mall.

Central Mosque:

The society is well equipped with the central mosque. Moreover, every phase of Bahria Town has a central mosque, which is very up-to-date. So, everyone can offer five times a day. So, what are you looking for? Anything else. Let’s explore some more things.

Parks and Zoos:

To get the attention of people, they established parks and zoos. They worried about people’s interests. Moreover, people are taking a keen interest in such types of society, where builders are offering such amazing perks for residents.

Fitness center:

Are you a gym freak? Then Bahria Town Phase 7 is providing fitness centers to all people. Moreover, there are well-equipped fitness centers. You can go according to your routine. So, it depends on you.

But what is the location of Bahria Town phase 7? Let us tell you.

Location of Bahria Town phase 7:

Bahria Town Phase 7 is lies within Bahria Town Rawalpindi in the Gated community. Moreover, society is equipped with electricity and gas. The area is well-equipped with a lot of amenities and other things. Furthermore, there are many other facilities that are discussed above.


Alaziz builder is providing facilities to clients. Moreover, there are many facilities in Bahria Town phase 7 as explained above. Moreover, there are many amenities that Bahria Town is providing. Bahria Town is famous for its services and it is providing well-managed and well-designed plots for residents. You can enjoy all of its facilities and also its transport services. Furthermore, you can ask us if you have any problems. Our representative will surely solve your problem. If you have any ambiguity, do ask in the comment section given below.

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