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6 Things to Consider Before You Rent A Place in a Big City

When you go to visit a place, sometimes you love it and dream of yourself living in it instantly. This is how naturally things happen when you think of renting. But it should not be like this, because like every other decision, you should think over it again and again.

If you decide to rent a place or see an added Bahria town phase 7 house for sale, donโ€™t rush and take a deep breath. I know itโ€™s natural to have a good feeling to rent a place in Bahria, but it is still not a smart decision.

Moving to a new place, renting a house for yourself, or shifting to your dream place is always exciting and hard at the same time. You get surrounded by mixed feelings of happiness, stress, and a huge responsibility.

In this case, keep your nerves calm and understand your requirements and all other important matters. What most people do is that when they see a Bahria town phase 7 house for sale, they make a snap decision and start dreaming themselves living in it.

Although it is a cool place to rent a house, do you think it is wise to decide without viewing your decision once or twice?

Well, no matter how good the reputation is, there are still a lot of things to consider.

Here are the following


The location of the place always matters because it can affect your daily business, life matters, and your peace. If you live in a noisy area, it means you are putting your peace at risk.

The second name for home is peace, and if there is no peace in your house, your mental health and work life gets affected. To have a peaceful living with no extra noise pollution, go for a peaceful location.

If you choose a residential area like Bahria, there is one thing for sure and it is peace of mind. The second most important thing is the area around your rental place. If it is a commercial area with all the basic facilities, go for it.

On the other hand, if it is an industrial area, with no marts and medical facilities, drop it right away. Never settle for less, even if it looks expensive and pretty from the outside.


Affordability is a key factor, and one should not miss it while renting a place or house. If you choose Bahria town phase 7 house for sale, it means enough money is needed.

Keeping the facilities, security, and location in mind, Bahria is inexpensive, but it does not mean renting it anyway. Make sure you can pay timely rent and that the place suits your income and affordability.

Donโ€™t convince yourself to rent an expensive property because it eventually adds a burden on your shoulders. Keep your budget clear from day one, and look at places that fall under your budget range.

When you stay clear in your budget, everything else goes well. Contrary to that, when you choose something out of your range, you end up upsetting your budget.

Do your math, and add your rent, bills, and other expenses to see if you can manage or not. If everything falls under your budget it is well and good. But if the total calculation, including the bills and rent, is out of range, it means, reviewing your decision.

The Condition of Place

Condition of renting space always matters because anything can happen in the future. When you choose an already damaged place, you put extra pressure of further damage on your shoulders.

A lot of things like weather conditions and mishaps can affect the property condition, so never settle for less. Do your research, find out the cracks in the property and see if it is worth it or not.

It is better to choose a new or near new property for renting because they have fewer chances of weather or calamity damage. Also, when you select an already old and damaged property, the blame for further damage is always on you.

So, be wise and never settle for an already poorly conditioned property.

Right Time

The rental market goes through ups and downs often. Sometimes the prices are high, and sometimes are reasonable. Before you rent a property go through the statics and see if they are suitable or not.

Most people rush and make abrupt decisions because they donโ€™t cross-check. It is essential to have a cross-check of the rental market because it helps you decide the right time to rent a house or property.

Choose the time when the rental market is in your favor, so you have no regrets later.

Talk to the People Who Lived Before and Ask Them the Reason for Leaving

It is a common practice that owners always show the good side no matter how fair they are. In this case, talking with previous tenants is the best option. They would give you an honest review of the property and the owner.

If they are leaving on a positive note, it is a good sign, but if not, there is a sign to get alert. Never feel shy to discuss the matter with previous tenants, because they are the only ones to show you the pleasant and unpleasant sides of the place you choose to rent.

Check the Paperwork

Before you select a place, go through all the paperwork. Ask the owners to show the property papers and contract. Once you review the paperwork, like property papers and agreements, see if there is something you disagree too. 

For this purpose, go through all the details. Read the terms and conditions and never sign the contract until and unless you are sure that you agree to every single word.

If you see ambiguity in the paperwork or the contract, go and check another place. There is no point in wasting time signing a doubtful contract when there is a lot of renting options available. Check another place and choose the best place for yourself.

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